Thursday, October 10, 2019

Count Von Count - Video

Lawn Fawn came out with a cute little bat add-on for the Woodland Critter Huggers.  I took my inspiration from Count Von Count from Sesame Street.  He was a purple muppet with a green cape, a royal sash, pointy eyebrows, a widow's peak, and he wore a monocle.  He could turn into a bat, and he loved to count, of course.  Here he's counting his little bat friends:

I created a video to show how I put this guy together.  You can watch it here or on my YouTube channel, or on the Lawn Fawn YouTube channel:

Lawn Fawn Supplies:
Dies:  Woodland Critter Huggers, Bat Add-on, Reveal Wheel Circle Add-on, Build A House Halloween Add-on (little bats), Center Picture Window Card (little circle), Stitched Simple Wavy Borders
Paper:  Sugar Plum, Black Licorice, Noble Fir, Sunflower, Chili Pepper, White
Other:  Eggplant hemp cord, Acrylic blocks, Glue Tube, Glitter Pen, Cutterbee scissors, Glue Dots

Thanks for coming over to visit!  May the Lord bless you today!


  1. I Luuurve to Count, Ha ha ha haaaaa! How wonderful Kara!!

  2. Well isn't he a dapper fella! This is fun Kara!

  3. This just made me smile... What a fun guy!