Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Craft Space and Storage

I thought I'd share my crafting space with you today.

The space consists of three areas.  First is the kitchen.
This little desk holds all the small tools.  I keep that tool bag and ink blenders on the desk unless people are coming over, then I put them in my paper cabinet (more on that later). 

The drawer above the chair holds punches and small embellishments (forgot to take a photo).  The top right drawer contains ink and some paints.

The second drawer is all embossing tools and powder, glue, flock, glimmer mists, and stamp blocks.

The bottom drawer is markers, water colors, and mats.

I needed a container for my Copics that I could keep in a drawer, but would easily pull out.  I found this in the picnic section at Target.  It is divided into three on one side, and I cut chipboard and slatted it to divide the other side into six sections.

Here's a view of the desk in the room.  

We made the table top out of laminate so I can get it messy to my hearts content.  The table and chairs were a 2nd hand store find that we painted.  The China hutch was a 2nd hand store find too.

My paper cabinet had to go in the living room.  This was a wardrobe we got for free from some people who didn't want to move it.  It is a heavy monster, but I love it!  That's little Remington on the couch there.

On the top shelf sits drawers of scraps by color family, embellishments, ribbon, templates, and small paper pads.  I have a tool bag that holds lesser used tools, and there's room there for the things that usually sit on my desk.  A couple of circle cutters are on the right side.

The second shelf holds my two 12x12 working project cases.  One is for cards and one is for scrapbook pages.  Next to that is my paper cutter, followed by the Big Shot.  Scrapbooks in progress are on the right.  The next shelf down has drawers containing 12x12 paper according to color.  The next shelf down has boxes of extra photos, white Wal-mart cardstock, and a binder with rubber stamps that I converted to cling.  The box under that contains chipboard.

Then there are these four great drawers!  Top left holds blank cards and envelopes.  Top right holds stamp sets and dies.

The bottom left drawer hold reinkers, 5" Xyron, and light box.  The bottom right holds more stamp sets, large wooden block stamps, foam stamps, and embossing folders.

Almost done, if you're still with me, I'd like to show you the third area: the study.  This was a dining room when we bought the house, but Gene works from home a lot.  He made those shelves all by himself!  The desk was my dad's so it has special memories for me.  This is where I blog, print out journaling, and cut things on my Silhouette.  If you notice the photo albums, that's because I scrapbook the kid's albums, but put family photos in regular sleeves.  Some of those are empty, I bought enough so I could keep them the same.

My Silhouette fits in the drawer, but I think there's room in there to upgrade to the Cameo!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I love to peek into other people's craft rooms, so I thought I'd share.

Have a great day!
Kara Lynne


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful craft space Kara - your home is stunning and you certainly have style.
    I am amazed how tidy and organised your craft stash is - I really must make a start on sorting out my very untidy craft room!
    Hugs, Sylvia x

  2. You really have put me to shame lady. So organised and neat. My stuff is still all over the place even though I keep buying storage I keep filling it. I really am a shopaholic.
    I was amazed to see so much light carpeting in a house with 2 children and a dog, you must have them well trained too :)
    So glad you finally came back to crafting I missed you and your gorgeous cards. I am just about back to normal and hopefully will start to keep up with my blogging
    Eileen x

  3. WOW Kara! You have such a gorgeous home! So neat and tidy! Love how you have everything so organised. A crafter's dream! Your husband is a real handyman too! Lucky you. keeleyxx

  4. Wow, look at all those copics! Amazing! You are super organized too. :)

  5. Hi Kara! I loved taking a tour of your crafting space(s). Thank you for showing us! That Copic storage solution is a really good one. Never would have thought to use a picnic item! Your home is beautiful, girl. :)

  6. Are you sure you craft in your space? It looks too clean, LOL!

  7. Fantastic tour, Kara Lynne! You have a beautiful home and a well-organized and efficient craft space ~ and a handy DH, too! That picnic tote for your Copics is genius!!

  8. Kara, your home is so beautiful. Love your fab craft area, so organised.

    Donna x

  9. How fun!! I love seeing how and where people craft! You are sooo organized!!

  10. Definitely room for a Cameo ;). What a beautiful, organized space, Kara! TFS!

  11. Wow what a beautiful, neat and tidy crafting space! It's so cozy, and I love your storage!!!

  12. Oh my, I love your sweet crafting space! And boy are you organized, so fun to see peeks into what makes you tick. Thank you so much for sharing, I love seeing how others craft and what these spaces look like.

  13. Everything looks beautiful Kara! Love the desk that used to be your dads. You are very organized and I love the bin you store your Copics in , so glad its from target too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and where you stamp and blog , that was fun! Beautiful too!

  14. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want to come play at your house! WHat a fab set-up for your crafty goodies! I love that you can be working in the kitchen and cooking dinner! I often... almost every night.... burn our dinner because I'm running from my studio to the kitchen! LOL!

    LOVE that Copic carrier-- from the picnic section! WOW! LOVE:)

  15. Love all those goodies! You are one efficient organizer! So practical. Love you house too, warm and inviting :)

  16. Thanks for sharing! I love a peek into other's work spaces too. Your home is beautiful! I love how organized you are and everything can be tucked away so neatly!

  17. Oh it's so interesting to see other people's spaces! What a beautiful home you have, in addition to your crafting areas. Smart to have a table surface that you don't have to be careful on. Thanks so much for showing everything!

  18. Kara thanks so much for sharing your lovely space! You are so organized my dear! Love your beautiful home too! So fun to see where you create all of your beautiful cards and projects!

  19. Wow! Your home looks so neat and tidy, and all your craft things have their proper place! I'm envious! Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to tidy up my craft area! :-)

  20. My crafting area is in the kitchen, too, but nowhere, no way and no how as gorgeous as yours is! Beautiful home and especially beautiful 'crafting' areas! LOVE what you've shared; you're inspired all kinds of ideas (starting with a real craft room...perhaps, one of these days!).

  21. What a great tour, Kara Lynne! Thanks so much for sharing! I couldn't possibly share my space because it's EVERYWHERE! I'd be too embarrassed to share but I'm certainly inspired to get more organized after seeing your work space!