Sunday, November 7, 2021

Purple Onion Designs - Muriel's Quadruple Back Flip

Hello sports fans, er, I mean stamp fans!  Today, Muriel is going to attempt a quadruple back flip:


And she sticks the landing!  Okay, maybe is was a single back flip, but I'm still impressed, Muriel!

In order for Muriel to spin, I cut a hole in the background paper behind Muriel's behind. I placed a piece of cardstock that was larger than the hole behind the paper, attached a small piece of foam adhesive to it, popped through the hole, and attached Muriel to the other side. 

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Check out all the detail over at the Purple Onion Designs' blog.

Purple Onion Stamps, illustrated by Shari Bresciani:  Muriel, Snow Capped Background, Snow Capped Sentiment Set

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May the Lord bless you today!


  1. Muriel has the moves! This is so cute and a wonderful, fun, creative card. As always, you amaze me.

  2. How cute is Muriel!!?? She's beyond cute and so is your card!!

  3. I see an Olympics in Muriel's future! This is CUTE!!

  4. Way to go on the back flip!! Great job!! Wonderful scene and beautiful coloring as always, Kara!!

  5. I would pay eleventeen hunnert bucks for this card, Kara! Muriel and her scene look like photographs from the Olympics as she spins and nails the landing! Your best work yet!! And now I know that my polar bear wasn't looking for someone to love; he was just gearing up to do a back-flip. Duh! Thinking of you and missing you! Love, Darnell