Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Crafty Friends are the Best!

Earlier in October, I was invited by Brenda of Inkspired to Stamp, to come to Indiana for a crafting retreat.  Of course I jumped at the chance to meet this amazing lady in person, plus some other crafting friends I knew from blogging, and catch up with those I had already met.  Brenda's SIL (and partner in crime) came too, so I got to meet another one of those amazing people that becomes a fast friend.

Here's a few photos from the trip:

L-R Back Row: Linda, Greta, Me, Maria, Colleen, Front Row: Brenda, Darnell, Sharon

I'm so late in posting this because as soon as I got home, we started the process of moving my mom to live with us.  We've been moving and cleaning out her apartment ever since.  Meanwhile, homecoming, fall yard cleanup, and general day to day "have tos" have rounded out the time.  I am so thankful to Brenda for inviting me, for camaraderie among friends, and for the beautiful weather and setting.  It was truly a retreat from normal daily life, and one I will cherish always!

 I leave you now with this wonderful photo of Colleen as the Headless Horseman!

Thanks for coming over to visit!  May the Lord bless you today!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time...getting together with crafty friends is the BEST!

  2. Ditto what Kim said. I still cherish our time together last Fall.

  3. Oh you know we'd all have liked to be the fly on the wall!! Sorry to see that Colleen lost her head!!! lol What a fun time with friends, Kara!

  4. I'm so happy you came and I learned so much from you. What a fun picture of Colleen! I hope we can do it all again next year. I hope the moving process is going well and almost finished.

  5. How fun Kara and I love the photos!!

  6. Oh Kara, I didn't ever see this last photo with me and the horse...I of course remember it being taken!! You must send it to me. I feel exactly the same way...truly blessed by the friends in this crafty business! And I hope all is going well with your mom in her "new room" and you and your husband in your new room too!! Take care...heart Hugs, col

  7. A great retreat wrap-up, Kara, except for that photo of me and Greta! You actually caught the look on my face when I said, "Are you taking a candid photo of me?" Very naughty!! I love the photo of Colleen! Such good times, but it makes me miss you terribly! I hope everyone is settling in and you're feeling better!! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  8. TFS you guys look like you had a fabulous time!