Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Lawn Fawn Gift Card Holder and Video!

These little Lawn Fawn critters have a message and gift card to share!  The video and all supplies used can be found over at Scrapbook Pal

Here's the entire message as the card flips open:
Opening it all the way reveals the gift card:
Thanks for coming over to visit!  May the Lord bless you today!


  1. Darling card and great gifting idea.

  2. Oh Kara, I completely forgot I could use that for a gift card. I was saving my retreat one for a birthday but now that you have reminded me I want to do one for Christmas. Duh! This is so cute with all the critters and fun paper. I have to go now and get this made, thanks.

  3. Love that there is the fun surprise of the gift card, how clever!